Building Design and Analysis

Our Structural Engineers capable of providing end to end solutions from the smallest renovation to the complete design of a new building, Bindarc can provide all the required design and Analysis solutions to successfully complete your building project. Our Licensed Structural Engineers will visit the site based on the distance from corporate office and provide you the best solutions on going ahead.

Disclaimer & Warning

Since our Engineering Design solutions and ideas are at ideal conditions with appropriate recourses, our Engineers and company don’t take the responsibility of the damages caused due to the reasons like if the foundation was constructed improperly or without following the design considerations and parameters, such as not allowing the footing to cure sufficiently, however problems can also come about over time; this can be due weather and/or geological changes. 



Some of the signs that you may have foundation problems are:

  • Cracks in the interior walls
  • Separations between concrete blocks (block foundations)
  • Cracks or crumbling of concrete
  • Doors that will not close properly
  • Bulging floors
  • Foundation problems can also be caused by excessive water damage, excessive structural movement caused by high winds. A foundation or footing that is not constructed below the frost level could cause serious long-term damage, this is due to the soil expanding and contracting with the freezing weather.